Senior Living in Bedford

When your parents get into old age, you may start to wonder about how they can live in comfort and style with the right amount of independence. Your parents have sacrificed so much for you, and you may feel like it’s disrespectful to put them in an old person’s home, especially if they’re still very active for their ages.

When it comes to senior living, Maple Ridge Estates at Bedford has just what your parents need in order to live the pampered life they deserve. We are one of the most active senior communities in Bedford, NH and have just finished construction in 2017, so your parents are sure to get a brand new apartment to live in.

Independent Senior Living

Although we provide senior citizen housing for people over the age of 62, we do not provide assistive living. We consider our complex one of many senior active living communities, and we encourage our residents to stay active, vibrant, and energetic. We believe that senior independent living can help seniors keep their dignity and independence, which can significantly contribute to their overall happiness and health.

Great Amenities

Independent living for seniors doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Even though Maple Ridge Estates at Bedford is not a condo association, we do still provide many amazing amenities for our residents. Your parents can enjoy billiards, fitness center, theatre, game room, tranquility center, patio, and a library that has a comfortable lounge.

They’ll never have a dull moment when they’re living in one of our brand new and affordable apartments. We even allow residents to have pets of up to 30 pounds, so they won’t have to leave behind Fido in order to move in.

Active Lifestyles

In addition to the fantastic amenities here at Maple Ridge Estates at Bedford, we also have many activities to stimulate the body, mind, and soul. We run a program called S.E.L.F., in which we empower our senior residents to live life to the fullest.

Activities they can join in on include:

  • Walking club
  • Community gardens
  • Zumba and yoga
  • Arts and crafts
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Day trips
  • Dances

We also have experts come in to give our senior independent living residents financial advice, as it can be very easy to spend all of your retirement money if you’re not careful.

No More Chores

We at Maple Ridge Estates at Bedford pride ourselves on the fact that even though we provide senior living apartments, our residents still have complete independence and privacy. However, we’ve also balanced that with the needs that many seniors have, which is relief from everyday chores.

Here at Maple Ridge Estates at Bedford, our residents live a stress-free life in which they don’t have to worry about the mundane things of life, such as mowing the lawn. When you choose our senior living community for your parents, they’ll enjoy every moment spent here.

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Why Choose Us

  • We Are Affordable
  • We Are New, Innovative And Fresh
  • Our Comfort And Appeal Sets Us Apart
  • Our SELF Program Will Enhance Your Health And Happiness